Openings in Rolling Steel” Does you’re project require rolling steel? Amarr offers a full line of Rolling Service doors, Fire doors, Grilles, Counter doors, and Medium Duty Rolling Service doors. Quality is apparent in Amarr’s standard 50,000 life cycle springs on most service doors, fire doors and grilles along with a full 2 year warranty. Amarr has you covered when you need a door with superior Strength, Durability, Quality, and Security.

4000 SERIES Rolling Service Door

The standard of the industry, the 4000 series provides excellent security and years of worry free operation. It is available in three steel gauges (18,20, and 22), depending on the width of the door. The door is available in a durable standard gray finish, which resists abrasions and eliminates the need to paint.

4100 SERIES Insulated Service Door

In applications where climate control is a must, the 4100 series provides the protection you need. Maximum energy efficiency is obtained by placing solid insulation between the exterior and interior galvanized steel skins.

4200 SERIES Service Fire Door

For reliable protection every time, the 4200 series fire door provides peace of mind wht its unmatched operation. The 4200 series is guaranteed to close quickly to keep employees, products and property safe.

4300 SERIES Rolling Grilles

For a clean look that provides maximum visibility and outstanding security, the 4300 series rolling grilles have the strength to assure property protection. By using 5/16″ solid aluminum rods instead of hollow rods, these models are built to stand up to extensive use and deter potential intruders.