Janus International sells a complete line of commercial and industrial rolling steel doors, including medium duty service doors, full duty service doors and fire doors. Janus rolling products are anchored by an experienced and focused team of industry professionals in the design, purchasing, manufacturing and marketing disciplines of the company. Our corporate mission is to produce the finest world-class rolling steel products available anywhere.

MD SERIES Rolling Service Door

The MD Series medium duty rolling steel service door is a true crossover commercial system that successfully bridges the gap between sheet door cost and service door performance capabilities. The MD 15, with a 24ga. Curved slat, comes in five standard colors plus Galvalume. The MD 16 has the same features as the MD 15 except the slat profile is 24ga. Flat slats with an optional guide weatherseal and hood baffle.

SD SERIES Rolling Service Door

SD 10 – The cornerstone of the Janus rolling steel line. These doors are available with three slat profiles in flat and curved configurations. Structural steel guides and bottom bars are standard features. SD 20 – A fully weatherstripped version of the SD10, when an insulated curtain is not required, but wind and debris must be kept outside

ID SERIES Insulated Rolling Service Door

ID 25 – A new pinnable in insulated service door design. The ID25 clearly demonstrates that combining the high yield insulating qualities of polyurethane with reduced weights and enhanced operational abilities can porduce a truly high performance industrial product. In addition to insulation, the ID25 is fully weatherstripped with a hood baffle, vinyl blade guide seal and soft, wide bottom bar astragal.

FD SERIES Rolling Steel Fire Door

The Sure-Set Fire doors are manufactured to the stringent qualities of full-duty service doors, yet easily meet the most current fire protection standards. Operational choices include three fail-safe motor operated systems and a standard chain hoist system. UL and ULC labeled for fire protection up to four hours. The sure-set fire door may be easily and repeatedly drop tested and reset from the floor with no tool or equipment requirements.